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MTM created a planner!: The Ultimate Walt Disney World Vacation Planner

Last Updated on November 20, 2019

The Ultimate Walt Disney World Vacation Planner

Are you the type of person that likes to have a place for everything, and everything in its place? Do you like to have everything neat and organized? Are you planning on going to Disney World sometime in the future? If you answered “Yes” to even one of those questions, then these Disney World Planning Printables are for you! The Ultimate Walt Disney World Vacation Planner.

Why make a Walt Disney World Vacation Planner?

After years of planning vacations on various pieces of scrap paper (I’m old-fashioned and prefer paper to computers – yes, I still use a paper calendar), I have made a Disney planner that I now use for every trip.

When I am trying to plan a family vacation, I love showing off my plans and asking for opinions. What isn’t fun, is losing scraps of paper, or carrying around tons of post-it notes because I can never remember where I put my scraps in the first place.

Everything here is organized in a way that makes sense to even the most novice of Disney Vacation Planners.

The Ultimate Walt Disney World Vacation Planner

About the book creation process

The first step in creating a Disney World Vacation Planner was assessing what it was I was trying to organize. What are the different steps to planning a Disney Vacation and how can all those steps be pieced together on a single page (Per Park)?

My Single Page idea didn’t work out since there is so much to plan for, but it was a start. Next came the reminders; instead of returning to your computer every few minutes to find out which restaurant was at which Park, which rides had height restrictions and so on, I have pulled it all together in a single location.

Inside the Walt Disney World Vacation Planner?

Arrange your Walt Disney World tips and planning tools with this detailed printable planning guide. It will help organize your Disney itinerary for your next Disney trip by keeping everything in a single spot, for quick reference and easy access.

Who is this Walt Disney World Vacation Planner for?

This Disney World Vacation Planner is geared towards the professional and novice planners alike. It’s a great way to keep everything organized and shared amongst the group. Everyone can see what is being planned and have their input, without fumbling through scrap paper or excel sheets.

The Ultimate Walt Disney World Vacation Planner

Where can I get the Walt Disney World Vacation Planner?

There are two great places to purchase this Disney World Vacation Planner. The first and our personal favourite is here on our site. The second, should you choose, is on Etsy.

Both options allow you to use a credit card, or PayPal, as a preferred method of payment.

What else have we come up with?

While attempting to find ways to keep the kids entertained at Disney, especially Epcot, I came up with these “Around the World” booklet bundles.

They can be used for a very basic World Showcase study. Designed for lower elementary grades, each page contains a basic fact and related illustration.

Use these before heading into the parks, or as a Table Service time-distraction. We all know how kids can be when they are forced to wait for anything; impatient. Distract and educate. It’s never been so colourful!

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