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How to Pack the Perfect Disney Park Bag Ever!

Last Updated on May 15, 2024

Disney Park Bag. Things Everyone Should Bring For A Day At Disney – The Awesome Disney World Packing List is just a list of suggestions of what to pack for a Walt Disney World vacation. #DisneyWorld #FamilyTravel #Travel #disneypackinglist #packinglist #disneybag

If you thought packing your Disney vacation suitcase was nerve-wracking, just wait until you start working on how to pack the perfect Disney park bag for your needs. We highlight some park bag items for your consideration.

So what should you pack in your Disney park bag to make sure you’re prepared for those marathon days in the theme parks?

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Disney Park Bag Packing Philosophy

A Disney Park bag and a day bag can have some pretty clear differences. Disney parks are a very high-energy tourist destination. On any given day the parks are filled with excited, sweaty, and possibly exhausted children and parents.

If the parks are open for 10-14 hours, that’s a long time to make it only on the contents of your pockets; you should consider extra supplies. Having been to Walt Disney World 3 times, and Disneyland Paris 4 times, with and without kids, all in the last 8 years… this is what we have learned.

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As any Disney fan would tell you there is some much fun to be had that stopping to hunt down sunscreen at a crowded shop is not something to waste your, detailed, epic schedule on. Plus think of the children!!!

Disney fans with children will tell you there are some items to carry in your park bag that will just save you time and money. Throughout this article, we will often refer to Walt Disney World, but if you are travelling from afar this article is a one-stop read for all 6 Disney Parks. Disney parks don’t have corner stores to buy forgotten items. And any health items can be time-consuming to source from the Disney Baby Care Centre, First aid Station (Walt Disney World First Aid Stations), or City Hall.

And weather-related items are often something you don’t think of until you are already soaked running for the closest store on Main Street USA. And from my experience, you could be paying nearly double the price.

The stock is often limited, they typically only have one brand, and the line to make your purchases can last at least 30 minutes, if not longer (Yes, I have stood in one of those lines).



Does Disney Allow You to Bring Your Own Food in your park bag?

This is no problem. Pack a whole day’s meals, if that’s your jam. Just be mindful of Disney’s policy of NO alcohol or glass items in the parks.

Is your park bag allowed on Rides at Disney?

Yes, they do! On all rides Disney allows you to bring your bags. Worrying about your bags can really eat into the fun. Remember it needs to fit with you on the attraction.

What’s the Ultimate Park Bag for Disney Parks?

Your ultimate Disney Park Bag should fit everything you usually need on any given day, plus a few extras. We use backpacks for the majority of our Disney Park trips.

A nice Disney drawstring backpack is also a great option. This will help you reduce the amount of clutter you take with you unnecessarily. It is easy to access for both yourself and your partner – but you will definitely feel it if a stranger tries to reach into it.

Disney Park Bag
Disneyland Paris 2017. With my Walt Disney World 2008 drawstring bag.

Don’t become the family mule, carrying everyone’s stuff around. My partner generally carries an assortment of camera gear in a backpack. In our experience, the children often enjoy carrying their own stuff in their very own backpacks. In this way, you have a completely kitted-out little person how is ready for any parent to see to their needs.

No digging for stuff in many bags. “One kid one kit!” If you have to hang that bag off the stroller for any period of time, at least, all their stuff is together and ready to go on their backs.

Disney Park Bag Contents

Weather Considerations

Does the cold bother you? Maybe you need your very own isolated flurries.

The weather is a hard fact during most Disney Park trips. Heat, rain, snow! (Disneyland Paris in Winter), and sun (101 Things Not to Do at Walt Disney World) can have a massive impact on your fun. Some mornings and nights in WDW can be quite cold.

  • Umbrellas and Ponchos – Ponchos are awesome and of course, it rains at some very inopportune times like during the Star Wars Guided Tour recently.
    • This time my poncho was in my hotel room so had to buy one at Star Tours.
    • They are more convenient than an umbrella, can easily be deployed to the whole family, and are nicely stored in a bag or a stroller like our go-to stroller the BOB Revolution.
    • They can be purchased at Disney Parks and are very high quality, or for less on Amazon.
    • We pack the same one for every trip. Unless you forget yours as I did.
  • Spray Misters -So amazing on a hot Disney Park trip.
    • Well, they are convenient, keep them out of the sun, or you will have a hot water spray mister. 
    • Hit up the online stores for this when they are out of season in your area.
  • Light Jacket (Windbreaker)- during the mornings and evenings from October – March (Verifiable with historical weather data) we recommend them for that cold chill.
    • And of course, they are easily stuffed in your Disney bag.
  • Sunglasses – Show your Disney style with some shades! Some recommend straps for your sunglasses.
    • Mornings can be quite bright.


Unisex Polarized Aluminum Sunglasses Vintage Sun Glasses For Men/Women

Windbreaker Pullover Hooded Jacket

Health Considerations

We travel often and have found that having these items at hand will allow for quick reaction to trips and falls as well as weather-related issues.

A light well-stocked Disney park bag is handy whether you are walking the Roman forum or walking through Italy Pavilion at Epcot.

Disney Park Bag
  • Sunscreen. Your number one item. In the parks, you WILL fry, especially at the water parks. Don’t leave home without it!
  • Personal First-Aid Kit. We have a pouch on our bag for this. Band-Aids, ibuprofen, and Triple Antibiotic Protection Ointment (In my opinion Best Stuff Ever for skinned Knees), etc. First-Aid stations in the parks will have many of these items available for purchase.
  • Baby Wipes. You can clean ANYTHING with baby wipes. Use them in your car at your campsite. At work. And definitely at Disney Parks.
  • Anti-Bacterial Gel. Take it easy with this stuff.

Disney Park Bag Excursion Items

A lot of these items will be readily available and best picked up on your Disney World arrival day as this way they will be the most up to date. Other items can be gathered from online sources.

  • MagicBands or Park tickets. On-site guests receive MagicBands. Off-site guests receive park tickets.
    • MagicBands can be linked-to Park tickets as well.
  • Park Maps – best picked up at the park our your Disney Resort hotel.
    • Our use the My Disney Experience App.
  • Lanyards. Off-site guests will appreciate a lanyard for there park tickets and credit cards.
    • Easy access and free hands are key.
    • Remember lost park tickets are not replaceable if you lose them.
  • Bitbelts. This can keep you from losing your MagicBand during a trip.
    • There are many stories online of Disney guests losing MagicBands and spending exorbitant amounts of time and energy sorting it.
    • The MagicBand can be just about any size required.
  • Photo ID.
  • Credit Card. Although you can charge purchases to MagicBands, We always bring a little cash and a credit card just in case.
  • Autograph Book. Items other then books can also be autographed.
    • Remember to have a good packing plan for these bulky items.
  • Autograph Pen. Larger pens such as Sharpies are great.

Protect your Disney MagicBand

Gadgets & Gizmos Galore

We use a smartphone and other gadgets in everyday life, using them for trips is no different. Whether you need a phone for simple communication or the latest apps. Having all the required accessories in your Disney park bag is a must.

  • Mobile Phone. – For the My Disney Experience and Disney Play App.
  • External Battery Charger, is required for any travel adventure, Disney is no exception- phone batteries empty quickly at Disney Parks.
  • Fitness band or smartwatch. great for tracking your progress and a great conversation piece that truly captures the scale of the parks.


Grocery Items

Having some snacks in your Disney park bag to supplement your meals is a great boost. Stay refreshed and don’t forget to hydrate.

Refillable water bottle. One for each kid and one for the adults. Refilling is a breeze at the water fountains or restaurants.

Snacks. I like bringing rice cakes, and other little treats.

If you can’t bring the groceries with you during your travels, there is also the delivery option.

Sundry Items

  • Ziploc Bags. Need to keep something dry? Large Ziploc bags are great, learned this camping. Separating items can also help avoid messes.
  • Spare clothes for the little ones. 
  • Light Blanket. useful for hot summer days, and great for parades, etc.
  • Towel. To dry off on those hot days

Stuff For Kids in Your Park Bag

Waiting gets boring. It’s always beneficial when travelling with kids to have something for them to do during the waiting game.

If the parks are not open yet, your waiting in line at an attraction, or waiting for food to arrive. Here is some stuff for Kids to do.

Park Bag Brainstorm Session:

  • Have a Snack.
  • Have a Snack. lol
  • Plan Your Next Meal.
  • Take a family Selfie or two. 
  • Play with a Toy.

Disney Park Bag Branded Essentials

Disney Reusable Items

Your Thoughts...

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How do you pack your Disney Park Bag?

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Things Everyone Should Bring For A Day At Disney – The Awesome Disney World Packing List is just a list of suggestions of what to pack for a Walt Disney World vacation. #DisneyWorld #FamilyTravel #Travel #disneypackinglist #packinglist #disneybag
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