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Rumour Mill: Tesla Electric Tomorrowland

Last Updated on July 22, 2019

The Disney rumour mill is always spinning when it comes to new technologies, partnerships and sponsorships.

We recently heard of this new rumour; ” Tesla to make Tomorrowland electric in new partnership with Disney ” and was excited at the prospect of seeing our favourite new tech company, Tesla, join the Disney family.

Like any good news source, we asked the big cheese himself for his opinion. No sense in getting all excited without actual facts, right?

It didn’t take long for them to answer.

While we love the idea of having Tesla promoted within Walt Disney World, we are happy to hear that Disney is on top of all rumours and willing to answer everyone’s questions in a timely manner.

How knows. Maybe the next time we see Tesla and Disney in the same tweet, maybe it will be true. We can only hope.

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