Touring plan strategies; Tips for a Drama Free Disney Trip with The Extended Family

Visiting Disney World with Extended Family

There is no one right way to plan for Visiting Disney World with the extended family. There are, however, perfect ways for YOUR group. Below are a few of the ways we have managed to travel with the extended family. Each and every one of these strategies has a time and a place, and all are reasonable to expect from family members.

It is a matter of communicating your expectations of the vacation and letting them know which of these strategies you plan on employing while there.

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My way or the highway

As a paying member of this vacation group, I feel that my dollars are just as valuable as the next person. Just because we are travelling to the same place at the same time doesn’t mean we need to spend every waking hour together. This is how I plan on touring the parks and you can join us gracefully or find your own strategy. I don’t want to hear it.

Compromise, like adults

Using open communication will lead the group to have a better idea of everyone’s bucket list items. Taking everything into consideration, generate a touring plan that will appease almost everyone by checking off as many bucket list items as possible. This way, we can spend as much time together as possible.

Roll over, good dog

As the worse negotiator in this family, everyone shouts their demands and you simply execute orders. Go where you are told and with a smile on your face. You will probably enjoy most of your vacation, it is Disney after all. But for the most part, this isn’t your vacation.

Visiting Disney World with Extended Family can be a tough nut to crack. Here are some ways to plan your vacation and have everyone in agreement

Let’s have dinner

Meeting every evening for dinner and a late night show is a great way to bond as a family. We all do our own thing but have Advanced Dining Reservations for a nice place that we have all agreed to. We can talk about our day, show off some pictures, display all those souvenirs we didn’t need to purchase, and everything is right with the world.

I’ll meet you there

Everyone has fast passes together, determined through communication and compromise, as well as dining reservations together, but that’s about it. Everything in between is still up to each group.

Mix and Match

Grandma isn’t sold on the idea of visiting Disney without being by her grandbabies side all day, yet grandpa can’t keep up with mum and dad. Divide into manageable groups based on what we all plan on achieving that day. Especially if rides are a must for most of the family, little ones simply can’t do thrill rides, and no one wants to wait around all day when they don’t have to. Let the grandparents take the kids to Fantasyland while everyone else roams child-free through Adventure land.

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