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How to Stay Cool at Walt Disney World this Summer

Last Updated on October 27, 2019

How to Stay Cool at Walt Disney World. Summertime at Walt Disney World is HOT! What can you do to beat the heat and stay cool while on vacation? | Disney Trip Planning Tips #beatheheat #summergames #getoutside #staycool #kidsummer #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #disney

One needs strategies to stay cool at Walt Disney World with temperatures running anywhere from 21°C – 28°C (70°F – 82°F). If visiting Walt Disney World in the summer months, you already know that the temperatures can get pretty high.

That is some serious heat and it’s not just the sun that gets you… it’s the total lack of shade, lack of wind and most of all, overall humidity.  It can reach up to 33°C (92°F) in July during the day.

To say that the Florida heat can kill enthusiasm in even the biggest of fans is no understatement. With this knowledge in mind, we are here to show you how to Stay Cool at Walt Disney World when it’s hot.

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Dress Appropriately

Leave the long sleeves and trousers at home because it’s going to be a hot one. Make sure your clothes are breathable, quick to dry and lightweight. While they aren’t the greatest of designs, Underarmour is famous for its light and water-repelling fabrics.

Don’t bust out the tank tops and short shorts either. That hot Florida sun is going to make any and all surfaces too hot to touch directly with your sensitive bare behind and your shoulders are going to burn faster than you can reapply sunscreen. Try a capped sleeve and something that protects the back of your legs while sitting.

Use Personal Cooling Gear

There are many contraptions out there that will help you beat the heat at Walt Disney World. A misting fan, stroller fan and cooling towel are high on the list of magical devices that do exactly what they are promising. A gentle spritz of water from your refillable water bottle can make all the difference when waiting in weather-exposed queues.

Visit the Parks in the Morning and Evening.

While this isn’t our favourite piece of advice, it is the most practical. Use your EMH to tour the Parks bright and early in the morning, then return to the hotel for a mid-day break. This can include anything from a quiet lunch break in the cafeteria, a nap in the hotel room or a small shopping spree nearby. Anything to get out of the shadeless parks and into some less crowded Air Conditioned buildings.

Hotel Pool

While you are at the hotel, try taking a quick dip and cooling off. The outside air temperature should lend itself to optimal water temperatures, which will help you lower your own. Spend an hour or so cooling off before heading back towards the Parks and finishing off your touring day. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Cold Drinks

If your hotel has a fridge, try freezing a few bottles of water and bringing them into the parks. You may not be able to bring a large cooler, but a small thermal lunch bag has more than enough room to store frozen water bottles and keep other bottles chilled until needed.

When ordering at a restaurant, ask for cold drinks and avoid hard liquor with your meal. Heat and alcohol do not mix, and truth be told your sunburn will be worse. Save the booze fest for evenings after the sun goes down. Be sure to hydrate well for the next days’ activities.

Lastly, purchase a reusable water bottle and ask for free ice at the restaurants. Refill with water from the drink fountains found around the Parks and you just saved yourself $3 per refill. Save money and cool down, I like that kind of math.

Rides with Long Indoor Queues

By focusing on the rides with long indoor queues during the hottest time of the day, you are able to better schedule your day. Outdoor queues in the morning and evening, indoor queues midday and everyone is as cool as a cucumber.

Get Wet in the Parks

There are a handful of opportunities to get wet in the Parks.

  • Magic Kingdom
    • Splash mountain, there is a long queue but it will be worth it. You will get drenched but you will also dry fairly quickly so don’t worry too much about it.
    • Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station. Again, if you don’t have a change of clothes or a swimsuit in your Disney Park bag, don’t worry about it. Take a few minutes to just be in the general vicinity of the splash pad and you will instantly feel better. If you do feel the need to jump in, you will dry just as quickly.
  • Epcot
    • Dancing Fountains. While you can’t go swimming in the Dancing Fountains, you can dip your hands and feet in the fountain to help cool you off. Dab a little water on the back of your neck and face (careful not to get any in your eyes or mouth) for a little extra cool down.
  • Hollywood Studios
    • Umbrella Prop. There is a not-so-secret spraying umbrella in Hollywood studios. Much like a splash pad, the idea is to get near enough to cool off but not get completely soaked.
  • The Animal Kingdom
    • The Animal Kingdom is the hottest of all 4 parks. There may be a lot of shade, but it is still hot. There are, however, many misting areas throughout so keep an eye out and take advantage when you do stumble across one.

Find Air Conditioning

Oh, sweet Air Conditioning.

Going from the extreme heat to the extreme cold of a souvenir shop can seem a little startling but the shops need to be kept extremely cold because the doors are open all day. They are “chilling the outside” as my dad would say. Try not to stay too long, however, as going from one extreme to the other is not good for you, and we wouldn’t want anyone catching a summer cold in the middle of their Disney Vacation.

Aside from the shops and restaurants, there are a handful of noteworthy rides that have just enough A/C to cool you down, without triggering hypothermia in the little ones.

  • Magic Kingdom
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Haunted Mansion
    • Space Mountain
    • Hall of Presidents
    • Monsters Inc Laugh Floor
    • It’s a Small World
    • Carousel of Progress
    • Enchanted Tiki Room
  • Epcot
    • The land
    • Spaceship Earth
    • The Seas with Nemo & Friends
    • Pavillion movies and rides
    • Innovations
  • Hollywood Studios
    • Tower of Terror – though it tends to have a long line outside
    • Star Wars Launch Bay
    • Star Tours
  • Animal Kingdom
    • Festival of the Lion King
    • Nemo musical

Ride the Monorail

If you are not keen on returning to your hotel, or it is simply too far away to make practical, ride the Monorail for a few runs to stay cool at Walt Disney World. During mid-day, the Monorail shouldn’t be overly crowded, and you will be able to comfortably sit and enjoy the view.

Resort Hopping

While you are on the Monorail, try your hand at Resort Hopping. You aren’t technically going back to the hotel since you will be touring, but you are also shopping and enjoying the Air Conditioning at the same time. Cross another item off your Disney to-do list because the Monorail hotels are definitely an experience on their own.

Visit a Water Park

Last but not least, if you know the day will be too hot to handle in the Parks and none of these alternatives particularly speak to you, give the Water Parks a try. Arrive early as they will start to fill up as guests become increasingly hot in the Parks; restaurants will start to fill and the queues for the rides will grow longer.

Grab a lounge chair and bask in the sun beachside.

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How to Stay Cool at Walt Disney World. Summertime at Walt Disney World is HOT! What can you do to beat the heat and stay cool while on vacation? | Disney Trip Planning Tips #beatheheat #summergames #getoutside #staycool #kidsummer #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #disney
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