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Disney World Flexible Ticket Pricing in October

Last Updated on February 22, 2020

Disney World tickets: Flexible pricing for Orlando theme parks starts in October. Ticket prices at Walt Disney World will vary based on the date picked with a new online planning tool debuting next month

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A new online planning arrives next month for Walt Disney World in Orlando. Debuting October 2018 ticket prices will vary based on the date picked. This tweak next month will see ticket prices vary based on demand and other metrics. Ticket prices at the four Disney theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot – will be the same scheme instead of the Magic Kingdom having a higher price outright.

It remains to be seen if this scheme will see guests go for the cheaper price, or opt for the higher ticket price during peak season.

Walt Disney World Flexible Date-Based Ticket Pricing

As they do, the company announced this via an official blog post and video.

According to Disney, the new pricing system will allow them to better distribute attendance throughout the year. With the goal of providing an improved experience.

Off-peak travel periods may see lower prices as a result of these changes.

How the Video Breaks it Down

  • Select a ticket type; Basic Package, Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus Option which covers the Water Parks.
  • Select the number of days you wish to visit a theme park
  • Choose a date, using the interactive calendar. The calendar will show per-day prices based on your start date
  • Once selected, you will see the total cost for all tickets and the date range you can use your tickets
  • There will also be an option to view the lowest priced tickets of that month, for those with a little more flexibility.
  • Select the number of tickets required. You can also choose tickets with a flexible start date, though this appears to cost an extra $50 per person.

Specific Time Period

Tickets will as of October 16, 2018, need to be used during a specific time period.

As it stands right now customers who purchase multi-day tickets aren’t stuck with exact dates on which they need to be used, but guest must use them on consecutive days within 14-days of first use.

With the new scheme, guests who purchase…

  • a three-day pass will have a five-day window to use it, and
  •  for a four-day ticket, you will have six days, and so on.

So for any multi-day pass add two days to the end and that’s your window.

Interactive Online Calendar

Also announced by Disney is an interactive online calendar which shows customers which dates each month are priced the lowest, as well as pop-up pricing tips at the bottom of the screen to show guests which dates and months have the cheapest pricing options.

My Disney Experience will continue to be a one-stop shop for planning and ticket purchases.

We hope that these changes continue the exciting momentum at Walt Disney World with the coming immersive land Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. And other cool developments like Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.


Can tickets be changed to another date?

Yes. Tickets can be modified via the My Disney Experience app to another date. Guests will be responsible for paying the difference when selecting a higher-priced day. There are no refunds available when switching to a lower-priced day, however. Changes can only be made up until the ticket start day.

What about tickets purchased before October 16?

Any unused, unexpired tickets will remain valid at their current value. Please verify with the terms and conditions of your specific purchased park tickets.

Stay tuned for new developments. See also WDW Ticket Changes

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Disney World tickets: Flexible pricing for Orlando theme parks starts in October. Ticket prices at Walt Disney World will vary based on the date picked with a new online planning tool debuting next month


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