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Umbrellas for Disney World & Theme Parks

Last Updated on July 27, 2022

Umbrellas for Disney World & Theme Parks

Yes, umbrellas are permitted in Walt Disney World!, Do you have Umbrellas for Disney World & Theme Parks. Like me, you probably have one in your car and in your hall closet. Bring your umbrella.

Umbrellas go with your poncho. Yes for those brief rain storms times it comes down sideways or comes down so fast it bounces to your waist. Umbrellas for travel can have another important function for sun-baked days where shade isn’t available.

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Umbrellas vs. Ponchos

Nope. Umbrellas are for the sun and the rain well ponchos keep you dry in the rain on tours in Hollywoods Studios and food forays in World Showcase.

Bring them both because guess what they are to different pieces of kit.

Carrying all your gear around the park can be a real hassle so a small form factor is important. Fitting stuff into the lockers or in your park bag is also a major consideration.

Umbrellas for Rain

Disney's Hollywood Studios Rainy day.

Umbrellas for Disney World Sun Protection

Look for protection on the move from the sun? It’s important to have the right type of umbrella. UV protection umbrellas have different materials to block the blazing sun. And are generally useful in the sun and in the rain and are a good option for travel.

Umbrellas for Disney World & Theme Park Dapper Days

Is it a sunny day at Disney World? Umbrellas Parasols are perfect for shade and fashion but not waterproof. Perhaps it is a sunny dapper day. Below are some perfect options for the ‘gram.

Disney Umbrella Instagram Moments

Having a great umbrella is good for the ‘gram.

Umbrellas for Disney World & Theme Parks can be very effective for keeping you dry, avoiding heat-related illness, and accessorizing your Disney bound.

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Umbrellas for Disney World & Theme Parks

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