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Disney 3D Prints

Last Updated on April 20, 2021

Disney 3D Print files at home. Entry-level 3D printing has been around for a while now and with the latest advances in 3D printer technology now is the time.

Disney has classic cartoons, live-action movies and animated features. Disney is a true juggernaut in the entertainment industry and by extension the merchandise space. With movies like the modern classics Toy Story and Lilo and Stitch, or golden age classics like Lady and the Tramp and Treasure Planet. Let’s look at some Disney 3D Print files available online.

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Disclaimer: The 3D models shown here for printing are free community projects. And there is no profit being made from them.

In our house, we have an Ender 3x 3D printer for making spare parts and just playing around. Here are some of the items we have built and others we are looking at making.

Credit: Black Spire Jedi

3D Printed Disney Top Items We Know and Love

Here are some of the best Disney 3D Print files You can Us at Home

1. Disney Partners Sculpture 

An iconic spot a Disneyland Resort in California, available for printing at home.

1. Stitch

There are many models available online for 3D printing Stitch, here is one of my favorites.

Credit: samroe3d

2. Baby Groot

Baby Groot is a great candidate for 3D printing in wood PLA. There is also a version available as a planter.

Credit: Byambaa

2. Stormtrooper Mickey

There are a lot of fun models to be had for free. Now we just need to print them.

Credit: BonGarcon

3. Jack Skellington Pumpkin from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

4. Splash Mountain Br’er Rabbit Sign

Here is some beautiful replica signage from Splash Mountain.

5. “Beauty and the Beast” Belle

6. Ursula – The Little Mermaid

7. Elsa’s Crown from “Frozen”

8. The Haunted Mansion Signage

Epic Disney 3D Printable Busts


Prop Replicas

Star Wars


Disney Classics

3D Printable Disney Accessories

Kyber Crystal Display Star Wars/Disney

Kyber 6-Crystal Rack
by tbot155 

Lightsaber Blade Wall Mount

This is just a small sample of the many free Disney related 3D printed items available online. Sites like ‘Thingiverse‘ and ‘MyMiniFactory‘ to name a few have great 3D Disney Print models.

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