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How to Celebrate Christmas at Disneyland Paris

Why Christmas is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris Christmas is just around the corner (well kind of!) and we’re already feeling festive. If you want to add a little extra sparkle to your celebrations, Disneyland Paris is the perfect place to go. Starting from 10th November 2018 to 6th January 2019, both parks […]


Disneyland Paris for Wimps: Scary Rides to Avoid

What Scary Rides Should Wimps Avoid at Disneyland Paris? If you are anything like me, you want to avoid roller coasters at all costs. I love visiting Disneyland Paris with the kids. It gives me a great reason not to join hubby on those incredibly fast, stomach-turning, drop from high levels while I can see […]


Disneyland Paris introduces new paid Fastpass Options

Earlier this year, Disneyland Paris introduced a paid “Disney Access One” trial program, which gave people one-time Fastpass-style access to select attractions. Now Disneyland Paris is rolling out a tiered pay-for-play line-skipping system that actually uses the “Super Fastpass” name. The new range of paid Fastpasses coming October 15: Super Fastpass with Family or Big […]


Expansion Details Walt Disney Studios Park | DLP

With 320 million guests since 1992, Disneyland Paris is the top tourist destination in all of Europe. Figures suggest that 52% of those guests branch out and explore nearby Paris while on their Disney holiday. To say that Disney, and the city of Paris, has a vested interest in remaining Europe’s primary tourist attraction is […]


Reasons Why Your Baby is Not Too Young for Disney

How young is too young for Disney? While the Disney franchise prides itself on being for everyone, even the young at heart, how young is too young for visiting a Disney property is a very real question. We don’t want to get all the way there and realize your party can only accomplish half of […]


Disneyland Paris Meal Plans Winter Guide 2018

Winter guide to Disneyland Paris Meal Plans. With the changing schedules, shorter days and crowd patterns, is a meal plan really worth all of that money or are you best paying out of pocket for your meals? Check out our meal plan guide, winter edition.

There comes a time in every Disney fanatics planning stage when the romance of the parks starts to wear off and the hard questions start to sink in. How are you going to save for this vacation and where can I spend now to save later? How can I visit Disneyland Paris with “champagne taste, […]


Disneyland Paris Dining Reservations

Disneyland Paris dining reservations Book a table before you go to guarantee your Disney dining. Disneyland Paris has an easy and efficient Restaurant Reservations service covering all 22 table and buffet service restaurants. Disneyland Paris Dining Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance. In our experience Disneyland Paris Dining Reservations are strongly recommended for: Bistrot Chez […]

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