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A Guide to the Hotels in Disneyland Paris

When it comes to hotels, you’ll find a variety of options where you can rest your head during your Disneyland Paris vacation. By staying in one of the Disneyland Paris hotels, you’ll be bringing your whole experience to the next level. So in this guide, we will take you through each hotel so you can […]


Hotel Rooms that Sleep 6 Guests: Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Resorts Caters to Extended Families If your family has grown since the last time you visited Disney World, it’s probably time to change up how you do things.  If you are planning your first Disney vacation and you have a family of 5 or more, you may be wondering about your on-site […]


Disney’s Newport Bay Club Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Newport Bay Club in Disneyland Paris is an incredible experience for families. The room sizes, impressive breakfast spread and a chance to meet characters in the privacy of the hotel lobby, is a terrific incentive to stay at this 4-star hotel. While a private shuttle is available (although not as frequently as some of […]


Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe: Impressions

Disney's Hotel Santa Fe

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe – Does Budget have to mean Basic? Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe is the cheapest accommodation currently available on-site at Disneyland Paris. As the cheaper of the two 2* Disney Hotels available, it is fair to say that Santa Fe is a great budget option for those still hoping to enjoy the […]