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NEW Disney Dining Plan Plus Details and Pricing Released

Last Updated on February 27, 2020

Disney Dining Plan Plus

For 2020, Walt Disney World has introduced a fourth tier of its popular prepaid meal deals with the Disney Dining Plan Plus

Disney Dining Plans Summary

Depending on which tier of the Disney Dining Plan you purchase, you’re allocated a certain number of credits per day to use on meals and snacks.

  • The Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan is the least expensive package, it includes 2 quick-service meal credits and 2 snack credits per night stayed on your resort reservation, this includes the mug.
  • With the Disney Dining Plan (Standard) the offering is 1 quick-service meal, 1 table-service meal, and 2 snack credits per day, this includes the mug.
  • The most-expensive Disney Deluxe Dining Plan entitles guests to 3 meals per day (quick service or table-service) and 2 snack credits per day, this includes the mug.

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What’s in Disney Dining Plan Plus

Just arriving in Walt Disney World the Disney Dining Plan Plus it includes 2 meal credits to use any way you like along with 2 snack credits per day! That means you can enjoy dining at any combination of quick-service or table-service restaurants, much like the Deluxe option!

As with Disney’s other DDPs, credits can roll over and gratuity is not already factored into the cost of your meal, so you’ll still have to tip your servers!

And remember — only guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort are eligible to book a Disney Dining Plan.

Disney Dining Plan Plus Pricing

The price of the Disney Dining Plan Plus is $94.61 (per night) for adults (ages 10 and up) and $35.01 (per night) for children (ages 3-9) including tax. This puts is right between the Disney Standard Dining Plan and the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan in terms of price.

How does that price compare to the other Disney Dining Plans?

  • Quick Service Dining Plan – $55 per adult, per night, $26 per child, per night
  • Standard Disney Dining Plan – $78 per adult, per night, $30.50 per child, per night
  • Disney Dining Plan Plus – $95 per adult, per night, $34 per child, per night
  • Deluxe Dining Plan – $119 per adult, per night, $47.50 per child, per night

Is it worth it?

You get 2 meals a day, you decide how to use them.

With any combination of two counter-service and table-service meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus, two snacks in between to “bridge the gap” between meals, there is still plenty of food here.

The value of ‘Disney Dining Plan Plus’ depends on how many table-service or character buffet meals your family is going enjoy while at Disney World.

If you are going to get more than 50% table-service, then you could find some value from the Disney Dining Plan Plus.

By far, the best value would be to use both dining credits on a table-service meal.  Seeing as table-service meals on average cost more than double what a quick service meal costs, that is definitely going to be the way you get the most bang for your buck.

Disney knows however that the average guest isn’t going to actually have time in their busy Walt Disney World schedule to have two full sit-down meals per day, every day, and you will inevitably use some of those credits for counter service meals.

However, if you are one of those families that only does one sit-down meal per day or less, then you are better off getting the Standard Dining Plan or to pay out-of-pocket for your meals at Disney World.

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