12 Things You Should Never do at Disney

Things to never do at disney

There aren’t a lot of rules with Disney.

Disney vacations can be literally a production. The anticipation and planning can be quite stressful. The overwhelming size of the parks can seem like a challenge when travelling with kids. This doesn’t have to be your reality. For Disney fans who frequent Disney, you probably already know the drill: Pack a Disney Park bag with necessities and be ready to get in and out early; if it’s your first time it is easy to be unprepared and overwhelmed.


Unofficial do-not do’s for Disney

1) Wear Bad Shoes

Disneyland Paris ready for the morning

Ready for the Disney day in his travelling shoes

Wearing crocs or Uggs all day may sound like a dream come true, but try walking 15 km in them… every day… all day… for 7 days. Fashion rarely meets function; find something that is “good enough” aesthetically and make sure they are properly worn in before setting out. Blisters are not fun. Please don’t wear bad shoes it’s not worth it.

2) Visit during a major holiday

Credit Disneyland Paris

The weekends at the parks are generally a madhouse, check crowd prediction calendars for an idea of when the parks are at their lowest crowds, and when they have reached capacity before noon.

view How to Celebrate Christmas at Disneyland Paris (off-peak)

3) Disney Dining Plan

It is hard to find value when so many have 95 snack credits left after only 7 days at Walt Disney World. Only get the plan when you intend on using it to its full capacity – every dinner is a character dinner and meets the minimum cash-value to make it worth the effort.


4) Sleep in

Disneyland Paris Sleep time

A Disney vacation is not a time to sleep. It’s a time to have fun exploring the parks. Now hurry up and have fun.

5) Jump the Queue

This line, far to slow.

We are all in the same line waiting. You should see/read/hear some of the questions and complaints on the Facebook groups about queue jumpers… and the people asking what constitutes “jumping”. The fact of the matter is; if you are not physically in line, you don’t get to ride. If your kid needs to pee, excuse yourself, tell the people behind you that you will be right back, and have your remaining party hold your spot. Return when finished and all is well.

“Jumping” refers to those families that have Dad wait in line while mom and her million children play in the playground halfway across the Kingdom, and only join Dad when he rings that he is near the front. Major no-no! Not only will you piss off everyone you are passing to get to your spot, but this seriously messes up the standby line time-estimator. CM’s have the right to remove you from the queue, and even the park, if caught. And trust me, if you get the wrong Mom behind you, she will tell a CM and they will make an example out of you. Just don’t do it.

6) OverPay. Obviously!

End of line

7) Forget Rain Gear

Ponchos take up so little room in your bag. Don’t bother with umbrellas, they will just get in the way and strong winds will destroy it in minutes anyways. Rain gear is also great for those surprise wet rides that you forgot to research…Splash Mountain only warns you about a dozen times before you get on the log, put on that poncho and don’t forget to cover your butt – the bench is wet too. We have 10 Tips for Rainy Days at Walt Disney World for some great rainy Disney day tips.

8) Bring Banned Items

Security is tight, don’t even try. We forgot a corkscrew in our backpack last time and they gave us the option of returning it to our room or they would keep… I hope they enjoyed it, it was a nice corkscrew. We recently experienced the ever so tightened security at Disney read our Disney World & Disneyland Security article.

9) Get Dehydrated

There are so many water fountains around the park, and it is all free. There is no reason not to drink. Find our guide to preventing and treating dehydration here.

10) Forget about Sunscreen

Don't be that burnt guy on the Disney Wonder out of Castaway Key.

Don’t be that burnt guy on the Disney Wonder out of Castaway Key.

Second-degree burns on your first day of touring are no fun. Sunscreen.

11) Forget about the Fast Pass +

When they give you a free way to skip the lines, USE IT! There is a limited number available per ride and you are getting access to them in advance of your touring dates; yes, this means you need to plan ahead, but that’s why there are so many Disney Planning Resources on the net, to help you decide every little detail. Vacation is not for relaxing.

View Best Fastpasses for Each Park

12) Over Schedule

The number one worst thing you can do at Disney is to overschedule your vacation. While I do joke that vacations are not meant for sleep or relaxing, you shouldn’t want to murder your wife at the end of it either. Or your feet, depending on who did all the planning. Schedule your fast passes, your restaurants and a general idea of which land you want to accomplish in which order, but for the most part, play it by ear.

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Pro Tip:

Take a break. Siesta!

Take a day off for photos, take time to explore the shops or find all of the hidden Mickeys.  Just breathe. If you missed something, you will just have to come back next year and do it all again – this time with a better game plan.

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