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MagicBands Some Important Things to Know

Last Updated on December 18, 2020

Everything you need to know about MagicBands at Walt Disney World! Tips for getting and using Magic Bands and a peek at the new MagicBand 2.0. Disney World planning tips for your family vacation

MagicBands (officially MagicBands) are adjustable, waterproof wristbands that have a small radio frequency (RF) chip inside. They are your park ticket, charge card, Fast Pass accessing wonder of a machine.

Here we answer frequently asked questions about MagicBands and all the conveniences and access they offer – with all the latest information on MagicBand 2 and beyond.

What are MagicBands, and What Can They Do?

MagicBands have taken over the need for multiple plastic cards that can get lost or stolen. Instead, everything is integrated into a simple, sleek looking watch that can be customized and reused on every Disney vacation.

Enter Theme Parks

  • Instead of carrying cards around for the whole family, Disney has now made it possible that even the kids can carry around their entrance tickets with very little risk of it getting lost.

Unlock rooms

  • In addition to letting you into the Disney parks, MagicBands also let you into your on-property hotel room. All Disney resort hotels have MagicBand readers on guest room doors. A simple tap of the MagicBand opens your room. No keys to lose!

Access Fastpass rides

  • My Disney Experience information can be accessed via your MagicBand. This means your band now allows guests to scan at the machines and access their respective Fast Pass selections. No more paper passes!

Magical Express boarding pass

  • Since all of your information is in your MagicBand, you also don’t need a paper boarding pass. Simply scan your band at the Magical Express kiosk and away you go.

Room Charge card

  • For even further convenience, Disney guests can link a credit card to their MagicBands and use the bands to charge for purchases in the parks. Just be aware that this privilege only works for guests staying in on-property hotels, as the charges are routed back to your hotel bill.

PhotoPass scanning

  • In order for the Photo Pass photographer to properly assign your photos to your account, they will scan your MagicBand. You can then see all your images on your My Disney Experience App, even if you haven’t purchased Memory Maker yet.

Pool Entry

Pools at some of the resorts are gated and require you to scan your band.

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Everything you need to know about MagicBands at Walt Disney World! Tips for getting and using Magic Bands and a peek at the new MagicBand 2.0. Disney World planning tips for your family vacation

How Do You Get One?

You can get a MagicBand one of two ways:

  • Making a reservation at a Disney World Resort hotel (these are owned and operated by Disney)
  • Buying one on the ShopDisney website, Disney Store, or Amazon.

Guests with an American address will have their bands shipped directly to their house. Sadly, guests living outside of the USA will have to wait to receive their bands until check-in.

Is the MagicBand free?

Yes and no. Onsite guests receive complimentary MagicBands for each member of their reservation, for each new reservation. This has the happy accident of triggering a new MagicBand shipment for each reservation (even though the MagicBands you have at home are perfectly capable of taking another vacation) and for each reservation during a split stay.

An off-site guest does not get the same perks and therefore are not given MagicBands.

Can I buy a MagicBand?

Absolutely. ShopDisney, Disney Stores and Amazon are more than happy to sell you customized and generic bands.

While at Disney World, you will also find a wide variety of MagicBands available for sale if you want to upgrade your current style.

Are they reusable?

Another giant yes! You are welcome to reuse yours for as long as you want.

Can I share my MagicBand with a friend that is visiting Disney World after me?

Unfortunately no. Once a band or card is linked to your Disney account, it cannot be transferred to another account.

In addition to touching your MagicBand to a touch point, you will be required to scan a finger to enter the parks or enter a PIN code to uniquely identify yourself when making purchases. This process helps to ensure that you, and only you, have access to the entitlements linked to your MagicBand.

How to customize your MagicBand

Aside from requesting a specific design for your assigned MagicBand, guests have found a number of ways to customize and accessorize their MagicBands.

A very affordable way to get a custom look is to order a MagicBand decal on Etsy! The vinyl decal is easy to apply to your band and they are only a few dollars each. Etys also has a wide range of MagicBand Bows and Magic Keepers.

Everything you need to know about MagicBands at Walt Disney World! Tips for getting and using Magic Bands and a peek at the new MagicBand 2.0. Disney World planning tips for your family vacation
(Kent Phillips, photographer)

6 Noteworthy Things

  • You can Swim with them.
    • MagicBands and completely waterproof.
  • Track your movements within the Parks
    • This one can be a little creepy but it’s fun at the same time. Watch the names coming out of it’s a Small World.
  • Don’t worry about losing it, can just have it replaced… for a cost.
    • Go to the front desk if you’re at your resort, or to guest service if you’re at a park. They will deactivate your old band and issue you a new one. No one will be able to use your dining credits or charge purchases to your room if they find your band because they won’t know your pin.
  • MagicBand 2.0 has a removable puck.
    • This is great for changing out the bands or turning them into an accessory.
  • Turn your MagicBand into a watch, necklace or bag decal with a Magic Keeper
  • You can keep using it year after year.
    • You can continue to use it as long as the battery is still good – and they last for several years. 

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