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Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

Last Updated on September 13, 2020

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

While there aren’t too many rides that are worth 60+ minute wait, some are 100% wort the wait.

Disney Rides Worth the wait

AVATAR: Flight of Passage

While the line for Avatar can often exceed 4 hours during peak season, it’s hard to find another attraction with the level of loyalty and fandom that Flight of Passage has. The queue is peppered with vendors while outside, and the interactive queue inside is great at keeping guests’ attention.

It is a sad truth that you miss a lot of the magic when you fastpass Avatar; Flight of Passage. The attraction itself isn’t your average 5 minute ride either so there is a lot to experience whether you have a long or short queue.

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait
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Haunted Mansion

The last 4 times we have been to Disney World, Haunted Mansion was closed for some reason or another. While I would love to say the ride is worth the wait, I am tempted to wait any amount of time on our next holiday just for the chance to experience Haunted Mansion in the first place. Maybe then I will understand why the wait for HM merch is so high.

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

The queue usually only comes into play when the attraction breaks down. Sadly, this does happen a little more often than they would like to admit but it is an older attraction so what can we expect. Thankfully, the Enchanted Tiki Room has air conditioned standby lines so at least you will be comfortable while you wait.

The Enchanted Tiki Room also isn’t a ride, but a show. It plays every 20 minutes and therefore guests are still required to wait until the show plays through to the end.

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Opening just a few days before the pandemic forced Disney World to shut down, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway has been opened since March but the number of guests that have had the pleasure of experiencing Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is considerably lower than Disney would have anticipated. Thus, now the queue will continue to remain high for the next few years and we can’t see that going away any time soon.

The mix of 3D technology, moving ride vehicle and the only attraction to feature Mickey and Minnie makes it a must.

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

Millennium Falcon; Smugglers Run

Other then “because it’s Star Wars”, Millennium Falcon; Smugglers Run gives guests the opportunity to actually be in control of the narrative and your experience depends on what you do within the control room.

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

Buzz Light-Year Space Ranger Spin

Another ride with a hard to get fast pass, this is one of the top attractions I tell everyone to try at least once. While most rides at Disney require passive engagement; just sit and watch as the ride does all the work, Buzz Light-Year Space Ranger Spin is one of the few attractions that actually require the guest to do all the work. Between the two guests per space vehicle, you are required to handle the phasers and the movement of the vehicle to turn around and face the targets. Children love spinning the car around and around, hitting the target and trying to beat the parents at the high score.

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

Pirates Of The Caribbean

When an attraction is so popular that it sets off a movie franchise worth 5 films, a reboot is in the works and paired the gorgeous Orlando Bloom with the equally handsome Johnny Depp, the ride is worth the wait.

The queue is constantly moving, thanks to the high capacity boats and there is something to see around every corner. It isn’t too scary for the children, though the queue is worst than the attraction itself.

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

Expedition Everest – Legend Of The Forbidden Mountain

With a single rider queue, there isn’t much reason why anyone needs to wait too long to ride anyway. But, if you insist on riding with your family, the line can get a little out of hand. Get a Fastpass, use the single rider line or wait in standby, either way, this ride is incredible. More than just a roller coaster, the first few minutes will scare the pants off of anyone; the vehicle goes backwards!! WTW!

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Soarin’ Around The World

In order to say that Flight of Passage is Soarin’ to the extreme, you first need to know what Soarin’ is. As a self-proclaimed scary cat, I will attest that this ride is a little much for me, but I ride it every time because it is so incredible. Imagine being able to jump into a hand glider, without actually being in a hand glider!! This ride takes you around the world in just a few minutes, Aladdin and his magic carpet style.

The queue isn’t that bad either. While most queues there is at least a little bit of constant movement, Soarin’ doesn’t. This is because of the sorting and loading into the ride vehicles. But, this also means that you are able to have a seat and play with the interactive computer screen on the wall for a little bit of time before having to move again. And when you move, you move a lot so don’t let the size of the queue scare you away; the vehicle holds a lot of people.

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Technically, we just finished saying that this ride was totally overrated, but it’s also worth a wait; here’s why. So, if you follow our advice and use the pre-park opening breakfast reservation loophole for Be Our Guest, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is totally worth the 1.5-hour wait – the wait from entering the parks to actually getting on the ride, that is. You are essentially paying your way to the front of the line. The stand by queue is also fairly interactive and pretty incredible so you will not want to get a fast pass for this ride for that reason alone – although fast passes are so hard to get this for this attraction I am starting to wonder if they actually exist.

I do not believe that Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is worth much more than that. We did give up after 45 minutes when the ride broke down. It is a simple roller coaster, made to capture the hearts of Snow White fans and be a little thrilling for the younger guests so I would strongly suggest breakfast at the castle and get on this ride that way.

Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

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Disney World Rides Worth The Wait

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